Robabe Hassanzadeh (From West Azerbaijan province, Naghadeh city)

Hemorrhoids, also known as “Babasil” in Azerbaijan, are caused by swelling of the arteries in the lower part of the large intestine or anus

There are several factors involved in the development of this disease, including

  • Hereditary predisposition to disease
  • Excessive pressure on the anus and lower intestine during defecation
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Prolonged sitting to defecate, which causes the arteries to swell
  • Excessive bowel movements and chronic constipation
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Overweight
  • Anal intercourse, which is unfortunately common and incorrect
  • Frequent pregnancies
  • Use a diet free of fiber

Symptoms of hemorrhoids include a painful and tender mass near the anus, itching or burning in the anal area, bleeding during defecation, and so on. Doctors use methods such as laser, surgery, injection, wound burning and … to treat this disease

Since many people with this complication do not see a doctor, it is not possible to give exact statistics on the prevalence of this disease

In the traditional medicine of Azerbaijan, we have brought a rare prescription that has been used for the treatment of this disease since ancient times and has been effective

You can get these materials from perfumers


Row Names in Azerbaijani Turkish Scientific name or English equivalent Picture
1 قَرَه حَلّه Terminalia chebula

(Black myrobalan)

2 مولکه زراخ Commiphora wightii
3 ازوای Aloe vera
4 زنجفیل Zingiber officinale
5 یئر جویزی Myristica fragrans


6 ساری حلّه Terminalia citrine Roxb

(Yellow Myrobalan)

7 مازی Biorhiza pallida

(Oak apple)

8 دارچین Cinnamomum verum
9 مخک Syzygium aromaticum


10 داغ قارپیزی Capparis spinosa
11 ساری نابات Rock candy
12 زی Alum
13 پنبه Gossypium
14 قویروخ Sheep tail fat
15 ساری کؤک Curcuma longa

:The method of preparation and use of these materials is as follows

These ingredients should be beaten evenly in a mortar and ground into a powder, sift the resulting powder and mix with the crushed mutton tail fat, then roll the ingredients to the size of your nails and leave in the refrigerator to freeze. Take one of these capsules as a suppository at night

Tip 1: This medicine causes irritation at the site of inflammation, so do not worry about it

Tip 2 : this traditional medicine is not consumed orally and should be used as a suppository

Tip 3: Keep the sifted powder in a sealed container and mix the required amount of mutton tails each time and put it in the refrigerator